Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Out of the mouths....

One of the great joys of working in a natural history museum is our visitors…especially the children. When children visit our museum, it’s often the first time they have ever experienced anything like it. I love the way their faces light up when they see a real dinosaur skeleton for the first time, or touch a real meteorite. Their enthusiasm for the exhibits and for sharing their own knowledge of what they are looking at is priceless, and sometimes very humorous.
The following is a small collection of some of the funny things we have overheard in the museum…

Boy:That’s a T. Rex! (It's actually a T.bataar) That is awesome! I bet it would eat you if it could!”

Girl: “Oh yea, well I bet it wouldn’t eat you because you’re gross!”

Son: “Dad, do you know what that is?”
Dad: “It’s some sort of long neck dinosaur.”
Son: “I know THAT…but what kind of long neck dinosaur?”
Dad: “Um… why don’t you go ask the man over there? Sometimes dads don’t know everything.”
Son: “Um, why don’t you just read the sign?”

Pssst! Dad!....The sign says Camarasaurus
Boy: “Look! A giant, prehistoric chicken!”
Mom: “I don’t think that’s a chicken.”
Boy: "Yea it is. It's a chicken!"
Girl: “It says here that it’s a Di-a-try-ma.”
Boy: “Where? No, that’s wrong. It’s a chicken.”

It actually is a Diatryma... but it does kind of look like a big chicken.

Teacher: “Does anyone have to use the restroom before we go in?”
Students: **crickets** (..and blank stares)
Teacher: “Come on guys. It was a long bus ride. Some of you must need to use the restroom.”
Student: “Ms. Kelly… How about if we go see the dinosaurs first, and then if anyone needs to use the restroom, they can just go on their own?”
Teacher: **crickets** (...and a suggestive glare)
Student: “Forget it, we’ll just use it now.

Little girl: “Waaa! Waaa!”
Me: “Oh, what’s the matter sweetheart? Did you lose your mommy?”
Little girl: “No!(crying) She's right there!”
Me: “Then why are you crying?”
Little girl: “Because (crying) Tommy found a big piece of gold and I wanted to find a big piece of gold and now I can’t find one!”
Me: “Well how about if I give you this big piece of gold? (It was pyrite) Will that make you stop crying?”
Little girl: “Nooo! (crying harder) That’s not bigger than Tommy’s!”

Panning for gold is usually fun for everyone...even if you only find the small pieces.

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